Join the Movement!

Every photo that is sent in will be published, so don’t be afraid to join in!  Each post will feature one beautiful person (that’s YOU!) with a headshot that follows the following guidelines:

  • must be wearing minimal to no make-up (no colored eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc)
  • cannot have any editing of any kind;
  • must be at least 1200 pixels on the long side of the photo.

Each photo should be accompanied with a 500-word or less description of what you think is beautiful about you and why, the story of your journey to self-love, and/or what defines beauty to you.  Also, if you’d like to be linked please let me know the link as well!

Please email all photos and descriptions to:  heathersdish @ gmail [dot] com.  I will get every submission up as soon as possible and email you when you’ll be featured!


OR if you’d like to support Faces of Beauty on your blog’s sidebar, please feel free to use this code: <div align=”center”><a href=”

24 thoughts on “Join the Movement!

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  9. What a great idea! In this day and age of stereotypical beauty concept, to stand up and recognize our personal beauty is a great idea.

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  16. this is truly a fabulous blog for all women, since we deal with such issues today. i have always tried to tell my 20 year old daughter that she is beautiful just the way she make up or anything, and she believes it i feel and that makes me smile..she is content with herself

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