I, like many women, used to hate my body. My feet were too big, my back too curved, my nose too pointy, my thighs too fat. Going to college for theatre changed all that. In the world of acting, the more different you look from everybody else, the better off you are. No one wants to cast another pretty face who the audience will forget the instant they step out of the theatre. So I learned to look at my flaws as benefits, and it made me question why women are made to feel guilty about our bodies. So my stomach isn’t perfectly flat – why should I be ashamed of that? I’m healthy, and I like myself, so why am I supposed to apologize for myself? Why am I supposed to strive toward some “ideal” physical appearance? That’s just not me, man. So here’s my advice to anyone with low self-esteem about their bodies: Take an acting class. You’ll not only learn to make a complete ass of yourself in front of people and enjoy it, but you’ll come out of it feeling more powerful and beautiful. :)

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