I feel beautiful when I receive compliments about my skin when I’m not wearing any makeup, not even eyebrow pencil.
It let’s me know that people can see the core of me. This is important to me, as I was an ‘ugly duckling’ through my teens
and always felt odd about my athletic tomboy figure made me feel inadequate as a young woman and embarrassed about
having smaller breasts. Eating raw food makes me feel beautiful, it’s a way of investing in my health and preserving my future.
I haven’t been ill for over 3yrs, which is a blessing, as a candida albican survivor, the last 7 yrs have played havoc with my immune system. It’s great to feel fit and healthy which enhances your beauty aura.

One thought on “Clare

  1. You are absolutely stunning. Your eyes shine so beautifully. Your lips are perfectly shaped. And your skin is flawless.

    Love your beauty. It is you.


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