Unleash Your Inner Beauty … With The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

Swiss cheese is a marvelous ingredient in all types of dishes. Whether it is in a quiche, fondue or in a just plain grilled cheese sandwich, the pungent and distinctive taste of Swiss is only rivaled by it’s distinctive holes.

Have you ever thought how Swiss Cheese is just like life itself? After all, life has holes. It is not smooth and predictable like Cream Cheese or American. Rather, it is more like Swiss and its how you get through the holes that counts! So – rather than wishing the holes in your life away, by embracing them, you can have a complete and full life that makes you beautiful and unique. We are all unique, just like there is no perfect slice of cheese. It is the uniqueness of the Swiss that so many of us love, and just think of how delicious you life could be if you could embrace your own imperfections and “holes” in your life! True inner beauty entails being able to embrace your imperfections, experiencing setbacks and gaining strength from bouncing back from life’s challenges and adversities, and accepting yourself, imperfections and all. Mistakes and even failures are opportunities to grow and learn rather than serve as defining moments of your life that sap your inner confidence of your beauty within.

In a package of Swiss that you buy at the market, have you ever compared one slice of cheese as better or worse than another? I doubt you do! Every slice of Swiss is unique with its holes in all different places. People are like that also! The more we compare ourselves to others, the more we judge our self worth by how we measure up to others, we will find ourselves continually falling short and failing to embrace our own special uniqueness and characteristic beauty. There is no objective cookie cutter image of beauty – we each carry our own type of beauty that makes us who we are – with our own unique imperfections and “holes” that truly makes us unique just like a piece of distinctive swiss!

So – Embrace the holes in your past that are filled with disappointments and regrets, unleash your inner beauty, as you accept that fondue can never turn back into a block of cheese! What is done is done, and instead of reworking the past, use lessons learned as a foundation for paving the way for a beautiful and pungent life now!

Just think how you can unleash your inner beauty as you learn the lessons of the Swiss Cheese Theory of Life!

And don’t forget to Smile And Say CHEESE!

Judy Belmont, M.S. is a psychotherapist and mental health/wellness speaker who has a recently released self-help book with co-author Lora Shor, MSW called, “The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life! How To Get Through The Holes In Your Life Without Getting Stuck In Them! She can be reached at JABelmont@theswisscheesetheoryoflife.com and visit the Swiss cheese web site to download the first two chapters at www.theswisscheesetheoryoflife.com