Karina Dresses Review and Giveaway!

I don’t pretend to be a fashion guru, fashion blogger, or overall in-the-know fashionista, but one thing I do know is that feeling comfortable in your clothes and in your body are two things that are always in style.  When I first learned about Karina dresses I was ecstatic to try their dresses – they’re a fantastic Brooklyn-based clothing company that specializes in making dresses for every body!  If I’m being honest I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, mainly because I am one of those people that is fairly difficult to shop for.  The things that I love about my body are the things that make it difficult, which I suppose is better than the alternative!  I have strong muscular thighs, I actually have a butt, and I have broad shoulders.  Not really “in style” it seems, but those are parts of my body that I adore.

That being said, once I slipped on my first Karina Dress it was pure love.  It fit in all the right places, flattered in all the right places, and I was complimented all day long on the great styling and fabric.  Not only that, they are comfortable and truly timeless.

Some facts about the dresses:

  • They are made from imported microfiber blend fabric with 4-way stretch. Dresses are machine washable, and come in limited edition prints and are constantly changing selection because they do small-batch production.
  • The dresses are unbelievably easy to wear and care for, which also makes them perfect for traveling.  They can scrunch up tiny for packing or be worn while on the road/plane/train and still look great when you get to your destination.  For Nate and I who travel for wedding photography this is a fantastic bonus – no fussing with my dress when we get there!  In fact they were mentioned on National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog!  We women love the EZ wear EZ care thing where you can machine wash the garment and no ironing is involved :)
  • The dresses are made to accommodate a little monthly weight gain all the way up to being pregnant and back – you can bet you’ll be getting your money’s worth!
  • The dresses are made with love in the USA, something that I can really stand behind!
  • The dresses are classy.  They show off the beautiful figure of any woman without showing off everything she has – and that right there is sexy!

Have I got your attention?  Thought so!  I’m excited to also announce that Karina Dresses has offered the readers of Faces of Beauty the chance to win one of their amazing dresses!  Here are the entry options, and please remember to leave a separate comment for each one:

  • “Like” Karina Dresses on Facebook – this one is required!
  • Leave a comment below stating what it is that makes you truly beautiful.  This can be as long or as short as you like, but I want to hear the full story of the realization of your true beauty!
  • Tell your story on Karina Dresses’ Facebook page!  Feel free to post pictures and really share your heart – Karina Dresses is full of love!

This contest is open to international readers as well, but if you live outside of the US you will be required to pay for the postage.  Giveaway ends at midnight MST on Thursday September 15, and the winner will be announced on Friday morning September 16.


Please note that I received this dress from Karina Dresses and the opinions here are my very own!

55 thoughts on “Karina Dresses Review and Giveaway!

  1. I am beautiful because I have embraced my body shape. I take yoga and it’s improved my posture, so I carry myself with confidence, and I feel strong and radiant.

  2. What makes me truly beautiful…I think it’s feeling good about myself, positive, and energetic…I’ve noticed that when I’m standing up straight, have some color in my face, and am smiling, I just look so much better than when I’m worn out and slouchy!

  3. To be honest, I feel like I am still on the journey to fully appreciating my beauty. For too many years, I’ve focused on my perceived imperfections. I have to say, though, that the realization that I should talk to myself the way I would talk to a best friend helps me to be kinder to myself. Through that kindness, I’ve learned to appreciate my body more, and to treat it well. I feel most beautiful, though, when my heart feels full of kindness and compassion for other people. My husband agrees with that about me too.
    p.s. but I really love my eyes! And I love the Karina dresses!

  4. I am beautiful because I know that what I look like on the outside doesn’t matter as much as how I feel on the inside. I have always had insecurities about my looks and compared myself to others. But what I always remind myself is that true beauty comes from being a great person and being kind to others.

  5. I think that putting others’ needs before my own is what makes me most beautiful. I’ve always seen it as a negative (being a “people pleaser”) but with the birth of my son, I’ve seen how wonderful it is to truly put someone else before me and I see it as a great positive!


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  7. What makes me beautiful is seeing the beauty that is in everyone. I am a work in progress, but am constantly making the effort to realize and remember that outer beauty is not what is important – but recognizing the beauty that lies in each of us is. I am beautiful because of my grace, my caring disposition and my wide, welcoming smile :)

  8. What makes me beautiful is my whole body. It’s carried two kids and now gives me the energy to keep up with both of them every day. It’s taken me a long time to realize that I need to take care of this body just like I take care of everyone else but I feel like when I recognize how beautiful it is, it makes me realize I need to take care of it.

  9. I’m beautiful because I’m true to myself. I never lie about myself or try to hide from who I am. I may not always feel physically beautiful but I love and accept myself. And I’m proud to be myself.

  10. My family makes me beautiful- they have seen me in every mood, look, hair mess, and make-up-less and still love me. Maybe it’s my actions that make me beautiful no matter how I look;-)

  11. I am beautiful because I’ve started to love myself. I had such a hard, awesome year so far. I have given up smoking and eating meat (still love the occasional glass of wine), I visit a lot of culinary blogs to eat even better and I’ve found pages like “Faces of beauty”. I’ve taken up riding my bicycle through the forest like a madwoman and doing yoga. I finally live in my body, instead of just carrying it around and resenting it.
    You make me happy with this page, because I’ve been realizing that everybody is struggling.
    I try to be myself now, wear little make-up and I’ve stopped worrying about sucking in my tummy.
    I am a tall, big girl, a strong girl (in fact, I look a bit like you, Heather). And now I am sure of the fact that I am beautiful. Inside and outside. As we all are!

  12. I am also still on my journey of coming to peace with my body. I found Karina dresses on Facebook months ago, and became impressed with Karina’s mission of helping women pursue true appreciation of themselves and their bodies. This is what I want for my daughter! As more blogs join with Karina, I find more partners on this journey. I’ve been helped by their stories, coming to understand my own better. Thanks!

  13. Gorgeous dress and FAB video!!! I’m gorgeous because I have found my true voice after having it hidden of muffled for the first 30 years of my life. My voice, passions and love rock and make my eyes sparkle even more now :)

    Liked on FB!!!


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  15. I am currently in a weight loss program and have lost 24 pounds, so re-discovering some of my ‘feeling beautiful’ feelings. I haven’t been this weight in probably 15 years or so and I am feeling so excited and proud of myself. Clothes and beauty are exciting again.

    I actually ‘liked’ Karina dresses on FB last week. I just discovered them and I am so impressed with all of their features and none more than ‘made in the USA’!

  16. Jesus made me beautiful! He took a lost and pitiful girl, and lifted my face. He changed my heart and is making it more beautiful day by day, and year by year. I don’t think I could claim anything else for my beauty. I’m not ashamed to wear a smile or hold my head up high today because the God of the universe gave me value I never knew I had value before he reached down to me 6 years ago. I’m not trying to evangelize, it’s just the absolute truth!

  17. I am beautiful when I smile at strangers, when I pet my dog, when I cook for my husband, when answering emails, when hanging out at out with friends, when I’m at the gym or at dance class or even vegging on the couch. I am beautiful because it is who I am.

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  19. I am truly beautiful because I have become able to embrace my caring nature and my enthusiasm to connect with people and to get people to connect with each other … my friends and their friends and their friends’ friends, people at work, all the people surrounding me and people all over the world. And I have come to see that it will make me even happier if I don’t just work as a lawyer but actually find a job position that enables me to use my talent and my most beautiful feature!!

  20. I’m so glad you posted this — the dresses are gorgeous!

    What makes me beautiful? My ability to laugh at myself just as hard as I laugh at others. I’m imperfect but always striving to be better.

  21. i like my curly hair, after hating it for years i have come to realize how easy it is and that it is okay that i don’t have straight hair like everyone else and i realized that more people have curly hair than i thought. plus my hubs loves the curls.

  22. What makes me beautiful has nothing to do with my outer appearance. I choose the words I use wisely, because I am aware of their power. That makes me beautiful. I weep with those who weeps. That makes me beautiful. I laugh heartily because it warms my soul. That makes me beautiful. I love from the purest place. That makes me beautiful.

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  24. What makes me beautiful is my experiences, they’ve shaped me and molded me, cracked me, scarred me, changed me. I have a timeless beauty, it shines at exactly the right moments, like when I smile and laugh. It isn’t overbearing, it never weighs me down, it’s just an accent, an adornment to me. It’s exactly like a Karina dress!!!

  25. First of all, that dress looks great on you! Cute video too! I love hearing my favorite bloggers talk.

    Second, I feel beautiful because of my curly hair. It’s taken me a LONG time to accept my curly hair but after years of complaining about it, I try to accept it now. I constantly get compliments on my curls and it makes me feel great!

  26. Darn it, missed the contest by 10 hours :( i love their dresses and FB liked. Oh well, fingers crossed for the next one. Would have been cool to win on my anniversary!

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