I am beautiful.  I get up and walk around in the world, and I even look people in the eye as I pass them on the sidewalk.  I’m getting better at it every day.  I used to be a nothing girl from a dried and dead coal mine in the middle of nowhere, but I saw colors everywhere.  Then, I grew two perfect little people inside the hollow of my womb.  I fed them and held them and they are precious diamonds on the bleak face of a mean world.  Because of me, my girls are healthy and happy.  Because of my strength and beauty, the world holds something good, forever.  I am beautiful because I’m Mommy.

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6 thoughts on “Amanda

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  2. Such a wonderful sentiment to share. Beauty comes from within our hearts and in our deeds. Our children may bring it to the forefront, but it is always there in our souls.

  3. So beautiful. I love this pic and i love reading all your updates. Todays was so timely and struck a chord in a big way! xxxx

  4. So amazing…literally brought tears to my eyes…this is something I am posting on my mirror every morning to remind myself that YES…I am beautiful..

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