I am a beautiful woman, because I am God’s creation, and I am me!  I am kind, fiercely loyal, funny, and encouraging.  I find that, even though, I am shy, people naturally want to be around me.  People will seek me out to talk to me, and I am often told that I am one of the sweetest people they have ever met.  Why?  Because I have finally accepted that my beauty is found on the inside.  My character, integrity, and faith are what makes me a beautiful person.  If you truly seek to put others first, and you see that beauty is what shines from the inside out, then you, too, will feel the treasure that is “beautiful”.

My favorite physical trait of my beauty is my curls!  For years I battled them and tried to straighten them, but now I embrace them and I adore having curly hair.  Sometimes my curls are calm and soft, just like me.  Other times, my hair is wild, burly, and frizzy, just like me – I love surprises, adventure, and trying new things.  My curls are a physical representation of what you will find inside me – joy, love, faith, humor, and kindness.  Embracing me is how I learned to embrace my beauty.